‘Batgirl’ director tells critics to ‘STFU and wait for the film’

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‘Batgirl’ director tells critics to ‘STFU and wait for the film’

After Leslie Grace, the star of DC’s upcoming ‘Batgirl’ film, shared a photo of her new costume fans have been divided – some like it while others feel it looks cheap. The movie’s co-director has told them to wait for its release.

Grace’s initial Instagram post garnered a lot of attention, as some fans enjoyed the new design, complimenting it for looking realistic and praising the color scheme as a tribute to Yvonne Craig’s getup in the 1960’s ‘Batman’ TV series.

However, others felt the new costume looked like cheaply executed cosplay and marked a pivotal turn from the dark and edgy tone set by Zack Snyder in previous DC films. Some of the disheartened fans feel that the new direction seemingly taken in the upcoming Batgirl film is a sign of the end for the DC Extended Universe, which has struggled to keep up with Marvel’s cinematic output in both popularity and revenue.

The debate surrounding the costume has prompted one of the film’s directors, Adil El Arbi, to take to social media and, using a popular meme featuring Batman slapping Robin, tell critics of the design to “STFU and wait for the film.”


‘Batgirl’ is still currently filming and isn’t expected to hit streaming services until the end of the year, with many speculating the release to be around Christmas, citing leaked images from the set indicating a holiday setting. However, given the leaks and the controversial costume, many have been losing hope for the film, as it seems to go against the continuity established in the Snyderverse films.

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