Basic Camping Essentials In 2021

Camping Essentials

Camping is one of the best ways to explore and discover natural beauty, parks and wildlife. When it comes to camping, each trip will be completely different than the last and that’s what makes it so exciting.  Whether you are camping for just a weekend or for a full month, here are a few camping essentials that you must pack to have a safe and enjoyable time.

So, make sure that you have all the tools you need to make your next camping trip a success. 

Head to your campsite with supplies to help you sleep better at night, build a fire, gut a fish, and much more. We have the best selection of outdoor gear that will help you to have everything you need for any situation you may run into when you’re outdoors. Let’s get started:

Basic yet Must Have Camping Essentials

Proper Footwear

However, if you plan on going hiking, exploring or walking a trail you will definitely need to choose some good protection for your feet. Good boots/shoots should: Protect your feet, be waterproof, and let your feet breathe (to some point), give you good grip and traction, support weight and not disrupt your normal walking style. That sounds like a lot to watch out for, and it kind of is. Fortunately, there are many excellent choices for choosing the best footwear. You can see some of the absolute best hiking boots and shoes by clicking here.

Camping Essentials
Women’s Columbia Lightweight Waterproof
Camping Essentials
Men’s Timberland Waterproof

Good Backpack

Camping Essentials
Lightweight Backpack
Camping Essentials
Durable Backpack

As listed on our camping essential guide, choosing the right size backpack is important. Think about what you will be carrying and how much it weights; from there you will want to choose the best backpack. A good backpack will feel comfortable and sturdy when you’re carrying it and should feel secure when carrying it. Another thing to look for is a waterproof backpack that will protect your things if it rains or is dropped in water.

Walking Stick

Camping Essentials

Going for a hike in the woods puts gives you a high probability of encountering an animal of some sort. Most times it will be an innocent rabbit or squirrel, but there will be times were you might run into a bear or lion. The “expert” hikers like to recommend having a walking stick when you leave your campsite so that you can ward off animals with it. They will also suggest that you never bend down in front of the animal, as it makes you look smaller and less intimidating.

Sleeping Bag

Camping Essentials

The primary purpose of sleeping bag is to provide warmth and insulation. It is always good to bring a sleeping bag for every camper even if you think that weather is good and we don’t want sleeping bag but we never knew when weather will change. For choosing sleeping bag, consider three features: maximum body height, which should be 5 or 6 inches above your height; temperature rating, as in what’s the coolest outdoor temperature in which it will keep you warm; and weight. Click here to see our best choices for sleeping bags.

Flashlight & Lantern

Camping Essentials

There are a lot of varieties of flashlights.  You can choose flashlights by your preferences, like if you want bright light but you are ok with battery backup then Xenon is best for you. If you don’t want more brightness but want a long-lasting battery life then use “fluorescent” and lastly if you need light that last longer like some days without a battery change but do not mind a very weak light, try LED and also LED is good for emergency cases.

Fire Starter

Mechanical lighters are good but it is always great to bring matchbox for backup. Bring plenty of matchboxes and ensure they are kept dry. Commercial use matchboxes are not good as they are poorly constructed for wilderness use. For camping, UCO Storm proof matches are good choice. Fire starter are helps you to jump-start a fire. It can be dry tinder tucked away in a plastic bag; candles; priming paste; heat “nuggets” etc. You can also take a look at some options available on Amazon.

Camping Essentials
Camping Essentials

First Aid Supplies

Camping Essentials

The content of your first aid box is depending on length of the trip and number of people involved. There are various customized options are available on Amazon.


You should always be on the lookout for more camping tips, especially those that promote camping safety. A good way to learn more tips is to research more about camping by reading some great books on camping essentials, which ultimately help you improve your camping knowledge.

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