Central Bank Of Afghanistan Says Over $12 Million Cash Seized From Homes Of Former Officials

Home News Central Bank Of Afghanistan Says Over $12 Million Cash Seized From Homes Of Former Officials

Representatives of the Taliban have continued to publicized funds which they say were unlawfully appropriated by corrupt former national government officials, among them ex-President Ashraf Ghani and officials close to him.

The Central Bank of Afghanistan this week announced the Taliban seized more over $12 million in cash and gold from the homes of ex-government officials, which comes on the heels of last weekend a raid by Taliban militants on the home of the man who servied as Ghani’s vice president, Amrullah Saleh. A video from the search of the residence purported to show that the former longtime Afghan politician had about $6 million in cash and at least 15 gold bars stashed in his home.

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There’s long been reports and confirmation out of the Pentagon and US officials who’ve admitted to flying entire crates and bricks of cash into the country over the past couple decades of war. It’s believed that the abundance of foreign and military-supplied aid that poured into the war-torn country to the tune of trillions often went to line the pockets of corrupt officials, amid complaints that nothing ever really got done in terms of intended infrastructure projects for the public.

This past week’s Central Bank of Afghanistan statement revealed the following:

“A certain amount of cash found at the residence of Mr. Amrullah Saleh, the first Vice-President of the previous government and a number of previous high ranking government officials was submitted to Da Afghanistan Bank by the authorities of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”

The bank said further in the accusatory announcement: “The total of the aforementioned cash amounts to USD twelve million three hundred sixty-eight thousand two hundred forty-six (12368246) and a number of gold bricks most of which were found at Amrullah Saleh’s residence”.

Likely the Taliban will continue to release evidence of uncovering piles of cash, jewelry, and gold at former Afghan officials’ residence, in order to underscore the self-serving nature of the prior corrupt US propped-up government. This all appears intended to humiliate the country’s past government which had been propped up by the US and NATO.

The Taliban has meanwhile vowed that it will serve the people in a transparent manner, and according to the principles of Islam, which has lately included the establishment of a ‘morality police’.

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Author: Tyler Durden

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