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What You Should Know

In the past, retirement was taking a portion of your wages you make today, putting them into a high-yield savings account, which pays you interest, then living off of that money as income when you decide to stop working later in life.

But today retirement looks a little different. Today retirement is putting your money into the stock market and hoping it grows enough so you tap a portion of the money alongside a part-time job to pay for the rest of your expenses.

Based on various studies, on average, 67 percent of working-age Americans borrowed money from a retirement plan due to financial shortfalls caused by covid-19.

The realities of The Great Reset are proving themselves to be true everyday.

Most people who withdrew money did it to pay for basic living expenses. Digging deeper into our internal research, a sizable portion went further and borrowed between $50,000 – 80,000 from their future selves.

Many people make financial sacrifices during their core working years so they can have a certain amount of money that will cover their living expenses when they hang up their work clothes.

And that’s a great idea. More people should be planning now for a prosperous future later.  But before you dump more of your hard-earned money into the “retirement game,” you need to understand the system inside and out.

If you want to play the retirement game and play it well, you have to go back to its origin, or you’ll miss the big picture.

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