The Great Reset and The New World Reordering

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America has been going through a societal shift for quite some time now. But if you look out a little bit farther you’ll notice so has the rest of the world. The Great Reset is upon us. The current system is reaching the end of its existence and now the powers that be are ushering us into the next system. This event is a period of time, not a one-time occurrence.

Of course, in this new reordering of the global power structure, our lives as Americans and western world citizens will be different. As time goes on, life within our borders will significantly change.

Society is becoming more inclusive of international decision-makers writing policies that affect countries around the globe. This is ushering in a new method of governance and accountability within our borders.

Survivalnomics is interested in those changes and we make predictions based off of our research and reflections as we travel around the world.

We are here to give you a clear understanding of it.

It is important to understand when the facts change you must change and not cling to old ideals that no longer are true for the current future situation.

At the end of this series are a few solutions for you to consider.

Let’s Begin…

Note: this list is in no chronological order; this is just some insights we have put together for what we feel the next decade will look like.

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