The Great Reset and The New World Reordering

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Infrastructure: The Green New Deal and Pandemics

We are in an era where we will be plagued with various pandemics for the foreseeable future. The scientific consensus will link these events to climate change.

The melting of the polar icecaps and destruction of the rainforest is pushing animals and bacteria into the living spaces of humans. As these creatures come into our backyards and food markets, they will bring their sicknesses also.

As the United States rejoins the Paris climate accord, climate change legislation will become a global coordinated effort. Which will usher in the Green New Deal program.

The Green New Deal is an ambitious plan to bring back jobs to America via new construction to combat climate change. These jobs will build buildings, homes, and products that use renewable energy and reusable materials.

infrastructure spending gets people motor skills going and allows them to see a vision of themselves and possibilities. this is why economists recommend will recommend modern monetary theory or MMT.

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