The Great Reset and The New World Reordering

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Roadmaps: the outlook for the world of natural resources

Geopolitics or what we Survivalnomics calls Roadmaps is the study of who controls the world resources and what events and policies dictates the choice of how to allocate them.

Trade is a major factor in distributing of the worlds resources. Rare earth minerals is found in every single product we own. In addition to this, oil and water are also found in everything we can think of.

As China tries to secure more natural resources for its domestic culture and its factories, other countries such as the United States will become aggressive on seeking out mining deals with other countries to supply its manufacturing base.

China will begin to lose production clients to Mexico, Eastern Europe, and Africa as their consumer class grows and consumes. India will also rise as a competitor to china’s consumer population.

In order to compete on the world stage, the United States will lose its status as the leading economy in order to export domestic products at a competitive price.

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