The Great Reset and The New World Reordering

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The Rise of the New British Empire

As the UK leaves the European Union they are positioning themselves to become a dominant naval power and investable market. As China floods the EU with investment capital, The United Kingdom is set to rebuild its workforce, banking industry, and foster a new tech revolution for Europe.

The newly freed country will mend old ties with the United States in a effort to make the western world way of living more powerful. The US needs this ally as we lose our international grip in order to be more integrated within the global governance system.

The British services sector will compete with India, offering b2b solutions to corporate customers worldwide. This will be welcomed by other western countries and produce a significant amount of revenue for the UK.

Under this new awakening, the City of London (the UK version of Wall Street) will overhaul its technology to become more leaner and efficient in providing clients more services at a lower premium due to a smaller overhead bill.

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