The Great Reset and The New World Reordering

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The Political Civil War

For the past decade, Centrist Democrats and Republicans have been outed as one in the same party. Citizens are tired of fake political gridlock on much-needed aid to the American population and beyond.

The populist movement has been a very effective bridge to leading people out of these parasitic tribes. But the ideological transformation isn’t over yet. The next step is for the Progressive political parties to take power.

Within this next decade, The progressive movement will gain seats in legislative bodies. They will gain people’s respect by leading such policies as:

  • Gender Equality
  • Lax Immigration
  • Climate Change
  • Tax The Rich
  • Reparation’s for all

There will be a fierce fight against the progressives. Politicians will incite their base to go after progressive sympathizers and leaders. This will cause traditional government officials to join the progressive party while citizens lead uprisings. Eventually, the progressive movement will dominate.

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