The Great Reset and The New World Reordering

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The Death of Cash

Due to major health scares and cyber attacks, cash will see its final days of existence.

In a time where cash is seen as a spreader of apocalyptic disease, and we disregard a plastic card that can do exactly the same thing (hint hint), the time will come to ban cash once and for all.

To accelerate the process the Fed will push interest negative and temporarily freeze your accounts. The currency you have locked into the system will be revalued into a new digital government-issued currency to which you will be allowed to tap your phone, use an app, and a debit card issued by the central banks to you.

Let’s dig a little deeper on how things might play out. Here are a few scenarios of how they might do it:

  1. Say you are holding physical cash when the monetary reset happens, they will give cash usage an expiration date. You will then be required to turn in your cash and exchange it for the new digital currency at your local bank branches. To help encourage you to turn in your old physical notes they will have long lines in banks and grocery stores and shorter lines for the new digital currency holders.
  2. a two-tier currency; depending on your social status in society you will be allowed to hold and trade in one currency for regional use or both the second being an internationally accepted form of payment on a digital ledger system like blockchain. This can be achieved via a commercial currency for use by the average person and a business level currency used by the privileged. The difference will be the rates that are assigned to each version of the new currency. If you are a solidified investor or can bring in commerce you will definitely get access to lower exchange rates and higher yields. For the average person, you will get charged the highest rate because the government only caters to a business class. This will make savings expensive because you will be paying a service fee for an institution to hold your money.
  3. bail-in strategy; A bail-in is when a bank confiscates your money in your banking accounts and gives you shares of the bank’s stock. this would only happen if banks across the board fail because of lending drying up. Let me be clear, we are referring to interbank lending, which stops banks from lending to people as well. Banks need access to liquidity, and the money you have in our account is their assets. This actually happened in Cyprus in 2012. Bail-in strategies mainly benefit the wealthy because their deposit levels are big enough to give them enough shares to have cast a vote for banking decisions.

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