Topic Round Table – Ep-3005 [PODCAST]

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Topic Round Table – Ep-3005 [PODCAST]

In this episode of The Survival Podcast, they have a topic round table discussion.

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Topic Round Table – Ep-3005

close-explorer-male-hand-green-rainy Topic Round Table

Today we have a topic round table discussion. I have a lot to cover and we will also be interacting with the audience in live streams on Flote and YouTube.

These podcasts will be a lot like old-school TSPC episodes on a variety of topics, many quite topical from the news and from social media. Each show will cover a bullet point list of 5-12 topics that I will handle rather rapid-fire.

From there we will talk about whatever the live audience comes up with. These live streams will then be converted to MP3s and put out in the standard TSPC Podcast feeds under the new series title of “Outback with Jack”

Today we discuss more CoVid tyranny in New York, the Anarchapulco Watch Party, bitcoin, the labor shortage and its causes, Elon Musk, why refugees really don’t get vaccinated, becoming a gremlin, and more.

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